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Dr. Amit Pande is a Data Scientist at Target corporation and affiliated as a Professional Researcher at Department of Computer Science at University of California Davis, USA.

As a graduate student at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Iowa State University, USA from August 2007 - 2010, Dr. Pande worked on Ph.D. thesis titled "Algorithms and Architectures for Secure Embedded Multimedia Systems" under Dr. Joseph Zambreno. They co-authored a book titled "Embedded Multimedia Security Systems: Algorithms and Architectures" published in 2012 by Springer-Verlab, London Ltd. Dr. Pande completed his Bachelors from IIT Roorkee in Electronics and Communications Engineering in 2007.

Dr. Pande's research interests are in the areas of Mobile Health, Big data and applied machine learning, Mobile multimedia, wireless networks, security and privacy.
  • Paper accepted for Infocom 2016: VSync: Cloud Based Video Streaming Service for Mobile Devices (A.R. 18%)
  • Paper accepted for JMIR: Machine-learning toImprove Energy Expenditure Estimation in Children with Disabilities: A PilotStudy in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  • Paper accepted for JMIR: Data Are Not Enough: Exploring Sustained Engagement and Healthcare Partnerships in Mobile Health Technology to Support Health Behavior Change
  • Paper accepted for IEEE Transactions IFS: : Magpairing: Pairing Smartphones in Close Proximity Using Magnetometers
  • Paper accepted for JTEHM: Smartphone Sensors for Improving Energy Expenditure Estimation

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