Research | Dr. Amit Pande

My professional preparation spans the areas of signal processing, high-performance computer architecuture and computer networks. I have worked on a broad range of subjects in Computer Engineering. To summarize, I am currently interested in:
  1. security & privacy issues in mobile applications such as location, video streaming, smartphone login and user privacy.
  2. applying data science to enhance mobile and web applications in computing, health and other scientific domains.
Some of my current and past projects are summarized in following tiles:
Security, Privacy & Trust
Collaborators: Prof. Radha Poovendran, Prof. Kai Zeng, Prof. Prasant Mohapatra
Selected projects:
  • Scheme for spatio-temporal location-proofs generation in adhoc smartphone applications where integrity of proofs is maintained while preserving user-privacy [ICNP 2013].
  • Algorithm and hardware architecture for camera source authentication in wireless scenarios using sensor-pattern noise properties [INFOCOM 2013, T-CSVT 2014, T-IFS 2015].
  • Develop schemes for joint encryption and compression of video data [IEEE MM 2012, ISM 2011].
  • Sensor-assisted enhanced facial authentication in smartphones: A balance of usability and privacy for smartphone users [Mobisys 2014].
  • Using social trust for flow allocation in MANETs [arXiv:1311.3226]
  • Main contributions: Non-conventional or non-cryptographic means to enable encrytion/ authentication and other aspects.
    Data Science Applications
    Selected projects:
  • Understand the effect of mobility in video delivery in smartphones [SECON 2014].
  • Develop data-driven models for user QoE in mobile devices [INFOCOM 2015].
  • Data-driven Model for Energy Expenditure Estimation in healthy adults [Bodynets 2013, JMIR 2015]
  • Data-driven Model for Energy Expenditure Estimation in kids with DMD [HIC-POCT 2014]
  • Main contributions: Applying machine learning to Computer Networks and Smart Devices
    Mobile Multimedia Systems
    Collaborators: Prof. Liam Murphy, Dr. Patrick Mcdonagh, Prof. Prasant Mohapatra
    Selected projects:
  • Understand the effect of mobility in video delivery in smartphones [SECON 2014].
  • Develop data-driven models for video acuity estimation in mobile devices [INFOCOM 2015].
  • Metric for Temporal Quality Assessment in Mobile Videos [Mobicom 2012].
  • Spectrum aware Video Multicast in LTE-A [IFIP Networking 2012]
  • Assessing Quality of Wireless Video Delivery in IPTV using SVC [WPMC 2011, TOB 2012].
  • Video-aware MAC design for wireless networks [ACM TOMM 2015]
  • Main contributions: Enabling high quality video on mobile devices
    Wireless and Mobile Healthcare
    Collaborators: Prof. Jay J. Han, Prof. Prasant Mohapatra, Prof. Heather Young
    Selected projects:
  • Utilize novel phone and wearable sensing methods and develop data-driven methods to monitor physical activity, locality, energy characterization and expenditure [Bodynets 2013, HIC-POCT 2014, JMIR 2015]
  • Design and conduct clinical trials to study the effects of technology and data-informed motivational coaching for health-improvement of individuals
  • Leverage big data analytics to better understand individual and population trends
  • Main contributions: Enabling Mobile Health using Mobile and Smart devices, using machine learning and signal processing for analytics
    Hardware Acceleration
    Collaborators: Prof. Joseph Zambreno, Prof. Alok Choudhary
    Selected projects:
  • Accelerating Sensor-Noise Pattern for Live Video Forensics [VLSID 2014, TCSVT 2014]
  • Pairwise statistical significance estimation for bioinformatics problems [IJHPSA 2013]
  • Compression-cum-encryption using Discrete Wavelet Transform [TECS 2012, RTIP 2012, VLSID 2010, ISVLSI 2009]
  • Compression-cum-encryption using Arithmetic Coding [ISVLSI 2011]
  • Main contributions: Accelerating novel and complex algorithms over hardware (FPGA)

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