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Ian Davidson AI/ML/DM

Cho-Jui Hsieh ML/DM

Yong Jae Lee ML/Vision

Zhou Yu NLP/Dialog Systems

Ilias Tagkopoulos ML Applications to Biology





Professor Hsieh receives NSF grant in Large Scale ML

Professor Davidson receives ONR grant in Human Centric Learning

Professor Lee wins Hellman Fellowship

Zhou Yu joins CS department






Š    Machine learning  - deep learning, scalable learning and human centric learning

Š    Machine Vision in images and video 

Š    NLP and dialog systems



Student Recruitment


Professors Davidson, Hsieh, Lee and Yu are actively recruiting Ph.D. students to start in Fall. If you would like to apply  to work with any of us please read on as we get a lot of applications! Carefully read through our respective web pages to better understand the research we conduct. When you apply please: i) Identify which of us you prefer to work with in the “Faculty Preference” list box, ii) Clearly identify your previous research accomplishments including papers published, iii) At UC Davis from your very first day you are hired as a research assistant and work closely with your advisor, so be sure to identify what part of a Professor’s research agenda most interest you in your application.


If you have legitimate questions about our research agendas then please contact us, but please don’t send standard form letters, they will go unanswered.