Winter 2018 -- ECS272

ECS 272 Information Visualization

Instructor: Kwan-Liu Ma

TA: Tarik Crnovrsanin

When and Where: 1:40-3:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday, 107 Cruess

In this class, you will learn about information visualization techniques and their applications in a variety of fields. Through lectures and doing homework assignments and projects, you will learn and practice how to derive a visualization solution by integrating data mining methods, statistical methods, 3D graphics techniques, findings in human visual perception studies, concepts and techniques in art, and ideas found in several other areas. This is an introductory course. While there is a textbook, students are also expected to read, critique, and present research papers. You can take this class if you have received undergraduate training in computer science. However, you will be able to pursue advanced topics for your final project if you have taken ECS163, ECS175, or ECS177 (or equivalent) before.

Winter 2018 Schedule

Homework Assignments and Projects

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Lecture slides are on Canvas.