List of Telugu Books Authored by Me!

Books in the Making


0. Preface

1. Sounds of Telugu

2. RTS

3. Shapes of Telugu

4. Consonant-Vowel Combinations

5. Geminates

6. Nouns

7. Nouns Gender

8. Adjectives

9. Pronouns 1

10. Pronouns -2

11. Vocatives, Honor Conventions

12. Post Positions

13. Counting

14. Sandhi

15. Word Formation

16. Verbs: Structure and concordance

17. Verbs: Imperatives

18. Verbs: Past and Future Tense

19. Enclitics, Idioms, Expressions

20. Verbs: Voice

21. Style



Also available from Emesco as a hard copy and from Kinige as an e-book.

A Chat about Pithapuram (pdf file)

A Random walk in Tuni (pdf file)

My autobiography: Shall I write it or not? (pdf file)


Some sample chapters are shown below

Intro (pdf file)

Numbers 1 (pdf file)

Number 2 (pdf file)

Number 3 (pdf file)

Numbers 4 (pdf file)

Numbers 5 (pdf file)

Numbers 6 10 (pdf file)

Numbers 11 onwards (pdf file)

Number Slokas with hidden meanings (pdf file)

Millions etc (pdf file)

Prime Numbers (pdf file)

Natural Numbers (pdf file)

Large Numbers (pdf file)

Huge Time Scales. (pdf file)

Writing Numbers (pdf file)

Playing with Numbers (pdf file)

From Ramanujan to Bhargava (pdf file)

Published Books

US Edition: Published by Eco Foundation, 3212 Arbor Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94566 USA

ISBN: 0-9678080-2-2, List Price: US$39.95

Indian Edition: Published by Asian Educational Services, 31 Hauz Khaz Village, New Delhi 16, 2002

Phone: 656-0187, Fax: 685-5499,


ISBN: 81-206-1635-x; Combined, List Price: Rs. 695 for both parts and Rs. 395/ for each part are also available.

Special Andhra Edition: List Price: Rs. 295/ Please inquire at Asian Educational Services for other details

On-line edition available at


This is a unique one-of-a-kind dictionary aimed at collecting one-word translations. The English-to-Telugu part contains about 14, 000 entries and the Telugu-English part contains about 14,000 entries.


Vemuri, V. viSvasvarUpaM. The nature of our universe, an e-book by

Vemuri, V. Jeeva Nadi: A Popular Exposition on Blood. This book introduces the properties, science and politics of blood. Republished as jeevanadi: raktaM katha, an e-book by

This collection contains science fiction short stories that already appeared in several periodicals such as Andhra Patrika, Andhra Prabha, Rachana, and Telugu Jyothi. Handful of copies are still available from the author at $10/. Soon this will be republished as an e-book by Kinige

Also available from Emesco as a hard copy and from Kinige as an e-book.

This book is a collection of photos, stories, essays written by Telugu people in the United States and elsewhere. This was released in conjunction witht the TANA Conference held in Long Beach in 1985.

This is a popular science book on the chemistry of ordinary goods encountered in life. Topics covered include sugars, alcohol, vitamins, hydrocarbons, plastics, DDT, perfumes, etc. Republished as nityajIvitaMlO rasAyana SAstraM, an e-book by

This is a popular level explanation of the origin of life from inanimate matter. Republished as prANi elA puTTiMdi, an e-book by

This is a popular level explanation of how computers work.
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