Christopher J. Nitta

Christopher J. Nitta Image
Assistant Professor of Teaching, Computer Science

Research Interests:
My research interests include network-on-chip technologies (especially nanophotonic interconnects), embedded system and RTOS design, and hybrid electric vehicle control. As an undergraduate and masters student I worked on the UC Davis FutureCar and FutureTruck projects (both were Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions organized by Argonne National Laboratory and sponsored by DOE). The six years I worked on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles provided me with the background in control systems, energy management, and embedded systems that were the solid foundation needed for my doctoral work. As a doctoral student I changed focus to computer architecture, more specifically on-chip nanophotonic interconnects. It was during my Ph.D. research that I developed Mintaka1, a power simulation library that models both photonic and electronic components. I also developed a dependency tracking network performance simulator we internally called DepeNet1 that I integrated with Mintaka and Hot-Spot to perform my doctoral research.

[1] Those interested in Mintaka or DepeNet should e-mail me, unfortunately I have not had the time to comment the code and write a manual so that I can just post the simulators.