VR Device Daemon Configuration File Settings Reference

The configuration file for Vrui's low-level input device driver, VRDevices.cfg, is a hierarchical collection of sections containing tag/value pairs not unlike the Windows registry. The main difference is that VR device daemon configuration files are plain text, and that they contain strongly typed values from a rich set of types (see Vrui Configuration File Settings Value Type Reference). At its outermost level, VRDevices.cfg contains any number of root sections defining the input device hardware configurations of separate complete Vrui environments. These root sections are typically named by the host name of the computer controlling input devices for the respective environment, such that Vrui's VR device daemon can automatically configure itself to the environment in which it is run at any given time.

In detail, the root section name is selected from the first of the following that evaluate to a non-empty string:

  1. A -rootSection <root section name> option given on VRDeviceDaemon's command line.
  2. The value of the HOSTNAME environment variable.
  3. The value of the HOST environment variable.
  4. The "localhost" string.

The rest of this document lists and explains all tag/value pairs that exist within the following section types: