Research Interests

Sensor networks and pervasive computing
Distributed Systems
Programming languages and Operating systems

Research project: SENSES

The primary goal of the SENSES ((Software Environment for Networks of Sensors and Embedded Systems) project is to build a scalable and an extensible software environment for sensor network applications. The project is building system software (including operating systems and virtual machines), software synthesis and scaling  tools, distributed middleware, and programming languages for sensor networks. The details of the project can be found on the main SENSES web site. 


  • J. Koshy and R. Pandey. "VM*: A Scalable and Runtime Environment for Wireless Runtime Environments," Submitted for publication.
  • Eric Bergstrom, Seokman Paul Han, Joel Koshy, and Raju Pandey. "Turning the Wheel † : Incremental Dissemination of Semantic-Level Code Updates Within Sensor-Networks," To be submitted for publication.
  • Dennis Durkin and Raju Pandey. "Transparent management of long term storage in sensor networks through object persistence." To be submitted for publication.
  • Jeff Wu and Raju Pandey. "Using a component-based framework for synthsizing scalable software systems." To be submitted for publication.
  • R. Pandey and J. Koshy. ``Next Generation System Software Architecture for Sensor Network Applications,'' To be submitted for publication.
  • Joel Koshy and R. Pandey. ``Remote Incremental Linking for Energy-Efficient Reprogramming of Sensor Networks,'' Proceedings of the second European Workshop on Sensor Networks (EWSN) 2005.
  • L. Popa, I. Athanasiu, C. Raiciu, R. Pandey and R. Teodorescu, ``Using code collection to support large applications
    on mobile devices,'' Proceedings of the 10th annual international conference on Mobile computing and networking; 2004.
  • Shih Ming Tseng and Raju Pandey, ``A Hierarchical Routing  Protocol for Networks of Heterogeneous Sensors,'' Proceedings of the 10th Internatinal Conference on Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA'04), Sweden.
  • R. Teodorescu and R. Pandey. ``Using JIT compilation and configurable runtime systems for deployment of Java programs on ubiquitous devices.'' In the proceedings of the Ubiquitous Computing 2001. 76--95. Atlanta, Georgia.

Current Participants

  • Earl Barr
  • Eric Bergstrom
  • Paul Hans
  • Joel Koshy
  • Dennis Durkin
  • Jeff Wu
  • Ingwar Wirjawan


  • NSF Networks of Sensor Systems (NOSS) Program.

Previous projects

Ariel: Adaptive,  fault-tolerant and secure  programming environment for distributed systems

Goals: Develop  novel language and runtime system mechanisms for supporting safe and secure executions of distributed programs.   There are three components of the research:

  • Development of languages and applications that use mobility as a basis for distributed programming;
  • Development of efficient and scalable runtime system support for mobile programs; and
  • Support for secure execution of mobile programs.



  • DARPA HCC and ITS Program
  • UC Micro
  • Novell Systems

QoSWeb: Customizable Web Infrastructure



Active Composition: Dynamic Evolution of Distributed Object-based system


CYES Project: Support for extensible concurrent programming languages


Past students

Fritz Barnes (Symantec)
Brant Hashii (Northrop)
Michael Haungs (CSU)
Manoj Lal (Cisco)
Scott Malabarba (Akamai)
Vijay Ramachandran (Cisco)
Steven Samorodin (Marimba)
Radu Teoderescu (PreCache)
Tim Stapko (Z-World)
Shih Tseng Ming
Rishikesh Tembe (ebay)
Deepika Yerragunta

Research Resources