Raissa D'Souza
University of California, Davis
email: raissa at cse.ucdavis.edu

         Current and recent grants

  • "Predicting and Controlling Systems of Interdependent Networks: Exploiting Interdependence for Control".
        R. M. D'Souza (PI), J. Crutchfield, L. Duenas-Osorio, M. Mesbahi, M. Roukes,
        DoD Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI), $6,250,000, 8/2013-6/2019.

  • "Principles of self-organization for resilience and control"
    R. M. D'Souza (PI), Marton Posfai (co-PI)
    DARPA, $300,000, 1/2017-12/2019.
  • "Robustness, resilience and emergent properties of interdependent networks".
        R. M. D'Souza (PI),
        Defense Threat Reduction Agency, $734,125, 9/2009-8/2016.

  • "NeTS: Medium: Towards Building Time Capsule for Online Social Activities".
        Chen-Nee Chuah (PI), R. M. D'Souza,
        National Science Foundation, $609,000, 9/2013 - 8/2016.

  • "The Effect of Shocks on Overlapping and Functionally Interacting Social and Political Networks: A Multi-Method Approach".
        Zeev Maoz (PI), George Barnett, R. M. D'Souza, Brandon Kinne, Camber Warren.
        ARO Minerva Research Initiative, $1,800,000, 9/2015-8/2018.

  • "Controllability of Complex Networks".
        A.-L. Barabasi (PI), R. M. D'Souza, J. George, J. H. Cho,
        ARL Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance, 8/2014-9/2016.