Letís Play CA!



Letís play CA!


No, I have to work..


You Jerk!

Donít you know itís really so

That nowadays CAís

Are all it takes

To have fun and get a ton done?


But .. do I have to look

At that that Big Fat Book?


No, you schnook!

Put a stop to your research flop,

Shop for a laptop.

Get in the mode

To write a load of code,

And youíre on a grassy road

Waiting to be mowed!


But what is my mission ..?


You have my permission

To study a phase transition

(On your own volition).


But what of tradition

And the competition?

Will I get an audition

For a position?


Thatís my suspicion.

And in addition, recognition

For you erudition and ambition

As a technician.


Youíre so breezy,

But a little sleazy.

Iím feeling queasy..

Is it really that easy?


No. Youíll have to think.

Or youíll stink and sink!

(Wink, wink.)


But once youíve gotten the CA religion

Youíll never back up, not even a smidgeon.

It will be routine
To switch on a machine

And watch a gene

Replicate on your screen

While drinking caffeine.


So, come take a walk

To hear a talk:

A lollapalooza by DíSouza.

Sheíll tell you why itís pivotal

To know the world is digital.


Sheíll take an oil refinery,

Translate it into binary,

Protect it from a looter

Running code on her computer..


Youíll want to learn this art

From someone who is smart

Who wonít leave you behind.

And I donít know where youíd find


A wisah advisah than Raissa.


††††††††††† John Preskill

††††††††††† April, 2003