ECS 110 -- SpringQuarter 1997 

Submitting Softcopy

Remember that (apart from Program 0) you'll be turning in both hardcopy and softcopy. See the course information sheet for information about turning in hardcopy. Here's how to turn in softcopy, using the handin command. 
Steps to follow
  1. Go to the directory containing the files you want to submit. 
  2. Submit a set of named files as in: 
  3. % handin cs110 hw0 hw0.cpp hw0.h makefile
    The third word, hw0, is the name of the "handin directory" where the named files will go. We'll use directory names hw0, hw1, hw2, hw3, hw4. List all the files which must be turned in.
  4. Alternatively, you can submit all files in the directory where you are working, as in: 
  5. % handin cs110 hw0 *
    Please delete (carefully!) the files which you don't want to turn in (object and executables) before doing this.
  6. To ask what files have been received for hw0: 
  7. % handin cs110 hw0
    You will get a reply listing the files we have and the dates they were received. 
Please submit all and only the following:
  1. Your code: all .cpp and .h files.
  2. A makefile, makefile. We'll tell you the name to give your executable. The grader will type make to build the executable, and then run it. If things don't make properly, the grader will have to assume that you never got the syntax errors out of your program. Some information on make is available here (or from the man page or from your CS 40 class).
  1. The handin command is case sensitive.
  2. You may resubmit your files if you decide to make changes. The new version will overwrite the older one.