ECS 120 - Theory of Computation - Winter 2002

Dear Class,

Final exam grades and letter grades have been posted; grab them in the usual way. You'll also find, below, updated histograms, including a grade distribution.

I graded the final exam myself. I suspect this results in lower numbers than when a TA helps me out (you know how I like things to be "perfect"!) The final exams weren't so wonderful, and so my letter grades weren't real high (you'll see that the mean grade ended up at 2.27). This despite the fact that I was particularly found of my two classes this term :-)

On the bright side, I didn't feel I had to fail a single student who took the final exam, and there were several excellent student performances. Some people really nailed the material, in the end.

If your grade was lower than you hoped .... sorry! ..... and if it was higher than you expected, well, I'm glad if you have a nice surprise.

Continue to think and to question and to do kind deeds. I know that most of you I won't be the teacher to again, so I wish you luck in your future lives and work.

Phil Rogaway
Davis, California
27 March 2002

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