ECS 122A - Algorithm Design and Analysis - Spring 2000


Your final exam scores and final grades are ready; retrieve them in the usual way. Grade assignments were difficult, as always; Kim and I studied the data for a long time, looking over many of the exams for a second time. The final exams weren't bad; quite a few people who didn't seem to "get it" earlier in the quarter seemed to catch on by quarter's end. This made me happy.

After you teach for a few years you discover that a class (in the sense of a group of students taking something together) has a personality, just like individuals do. A class can be smart or dumb, quick or slow, lazy or hard-working, confident or nervous, sweet or rude, reliable or fickle, or lots of other things. I suppose it's a function of the personalities of particular individuals, the personality of the TA, my own mood, the weather, and who knows what else. Anyway, I liked this class, more than any other class in the last couple of years. The class felt sweet and hard-working, characteristics a teacher cares about more than other things. So thanks for making this class enjoyable.

Kim will have your exams for the remainder of the summer, as I myself will be gone during the summer, and all of the next academic year as well. If you liked 122A and did well in it, do consider taking 120, 122B, or 222A.

Best wishes,
Phil Rogaway


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