ECS 188 - Ethics in an Age of Technology - Fall 2007


Grades have been posted. I assigned high grades, just A's and B's, modified with some pluses and minuses. Please don't tell anyone that I graded leniently—I have a reputation to protect, you know. (I always liked the comment on ratemyprofessor that I grade like a Nazi, even if I don't know how a Nazi grade.)

I had planned to provide you a breakdown of how many points you got in each category, plus project comments, in the "notes" field that we can leave when grades are assigned on-line. But I didn't realize that leaving a note requires setting up a gradebook first, and assigning grades using it. As I didn't record or compute grades this way this term, it was going to be too time-consuming to set it up. So, instead, if you want to see your point breakdown and my random scribblings about your project, please send me an email and I'll be happy to respond with that.

Good luck and happy holidays. May you all contribute to the best of your abilities to the well-being of our world.

Kind regards,
phil rogaway
17 Dec 2007

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