Grades and Such — ECS 188 — Fall 2017

Grades have been assigned and submitted. The finals weren’t so great, although some people aced it: mean 58, SD 18.3, range 12-97 out of 100. Overall scores were higher, of course: mean 79%, SD 8, range 56%-95%). I toiled over grade assignments, as always, but ended up assigning quite high grades. My guess would be that many people got a grade higher than they anticipated.

While I didn’t keep course records on Canvas this term, in a “fake” assignment named “Grades” I put a vector of scores, the components being, in order:

  1. attendance-and-participation (out of 20)
  2. quizzes-and-written-assignments (out of 30)
  3. final-project (out of 30)
  4. final-exam (out of 20)
and, finally, the the total of these four value and then your letter grade. In most cases I also wrote you a note. Please come see me in office hours, next Winter, if you would like details on how any of these numbers were calculated, or if you would like to look over your final exam. Of course you can also visit me for other matters, like academic advising. Also on Canvas, under “Paper” and under “Presentations”, you’ll find notes on your term paper and on your presentation from Shaheen, from me, and sometimes from Melissa.

For groups that presented on the final-exam day, outside of my office, in a plastic thingamajig near the door, you’ll find the student evaluations for your group’s paper and presentation. Please pick them up.