ECS 188 - Guidelines for Your Project (Oral and Written)

  1. Your presentation is 25 minutes, including discussion.
  2. You may work with a partner on the presentation.
  3. I suggest you do your presentation in PowerPoint, but other presentation tools are fine, too.
  4. Email me your presentation by 12:00 noon of the day you will give your talk. Send .ppt if you will use PowerPoint. I will load the presentation onto my own laptop and set it up for you for your class.
  5. Your written report should be about 5 pages. It should be carefully written. It should be mailed to Phil at least 48 hours before your talk.
  6. In both your written and oral presentations, try not to rehash old discussions we have had in class; focus on what's new and interesting to you.
  7. Most of the books have way too much material to go over comprehensively in a 25-minute presentation or a 5-page paper. Your job will be to select out what you find to be the most interesting and relevant material. Don't "gloss over" things in order to be comprehensive; I would rather see a meaningful treatment of a small amount of material.
  8. Have fun!!!

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