ECS 188


Spring 2006

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We will make announcements on ucd.class.ecs188.sec001, which we will use for both sections.

Required Materials

Computers and Ethics in the Cyberage, D. Micah Hester and Paul J. Ford, Prentice Hall, 2001.


This course seeks to challenge you to think deeply about the ethical dimensions of technology, as it relates to human life and your own livelihood. In addition, we aim to help you learn to express yourself better, both in writing and orally.


Project 40%
  • Paper                 20%
  • Presentation       20%


Regular attendance is mandatory; more than two unexcused absences and you won't pass.


The final project consists of a written report and a presentation. The paper should be about 10 pages (no more than 15) and typeset. The presentation should be 20 minutes. The presentations will be given during finals weeks and during the last week of classes.

You are encouraged to work with a partner on the project (in which case both the paper and the presentation are done jointly).

The draft slides for your talk are due two weeks before your talk is scheduled. The draft should be reasonably refined (ie, very close to what you plan to give). Be certain to budget time to hone both your paper and your slides in response to our comments on your draft slides. Presentations should be prepared using presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or OpenOffice's Impress.

Your paper and slides must be posted to the course wiki three days before your presentation so that everyone can read them.

Further information on the project is available.


Homework must be typeset and submitted in class on the date due. Each student must do his or her own work.

Late Policy

Late work will NOT be accepted without a doctor's excuse.  All work submitted will be returned in lecture.  All work not picked up in class will be available during office hours.

Honor Code

Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Certain assignments may be submitted to the MOSS program at UC Berkeley for plagiarism analysis. Any instance of suspected cheating or plagiarism will be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs for adjudication. The Code of Academic Conduct describes the relevant policies and procedures.


If you believe a quiz or homework assignment was misgraded, you must notify me within one week of the date on which it was returned, made available, or posted to MyUCD, not the date on which you picked it up.