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Q1, Q2, Q3, ... are quizzes; #A, #B, #C, ... are written assignments.

ECS 188-002 – Ethics in an Age of Technology – Winter 2016 – Phillip Rogaway

Class How we spent the class: For today you need to: Comments:
01 M 1/04 Course structure and why I teach this class. Surprise! Nothing due on our first day of class. See Wednesday’s slot for assignments due Wednesday, etc.
02 W 1/06 Q1. Patrice Koehl led discussion of readings. Read the Course information sheet. Then read (1) Computer and Information Ethics by Terrell Bynum (2015), (2) a first reading by Wiener (1947), and a (3) a second reading by Wiener (1950). .
03 F 1/08 Q2. Discussed the Berman reading. Read The Illusion of Progress by Berman. Panels by Jörg Müller.
Carter’s Malaise Speech, 30 Years Later (NPR)
04 M 1/11 Watched a short video and discussed the McLuhan interview Read and #A prepare quotes (click for explanation) from an interview with Marshal McLuhan Helpful vocabulary for the McLuhan interview. Blog entry about Facebook UI
05 W 1/13 Q3. Discussed the Barbour reading. Watched Deklog I Read Views of Technology by Ian Barbour .
06 F 1/15 Discussed the Dekalog I film #B Write a short essay on Dekalog I responsive to this prompt More by Kieslowski: Three Colors Trilogy and The Double Life of Veronique
xx M 1/18 Holiday MLK’s birthday. No class. But read (1) What an Uncensored Letter to M.L.K. Reveals (B. Gage, NY Times) and FBI’s “Suicide Letter” to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Dangers of Unchecked Surveillance (N. Kayyali, EFF)
07 W 1/20 Q4. Discussed “suicide letter” and first part of Johnson reading Read Philosophical Ethics by Deborah Johnson .
08 F 1/22 Q5. Discussed deontology and virtue ethics Read Kantian Ethics by Fred Feldman .
09 M 1/25 Q6. Melissa lead discussion of today’s readings. Read (1) The Land Ethic by Aldo Leopoled and (2) Oldest Living Tree Tells All by Michael Cohen .
10 W 1/27 Time for chatting with partner. Watched Testament (1983) (1) Read The Altered Nature of Human Action by Hans Jonas. (helpful vocabulary)
#C. Prepare quotes for this reading.
11 F 1/28 Discussed the Jonas reading and Wednesday’s film (1) Read any article or web page about nuclear weapons. Bring with you something interesting to share with the class that you learned. #DMilestone 1 due .
12 M 2/01 Q7. Discussed the Bill Joy reading. Read Why the future doesn’t need us by Bill Joy .
13 W 2/03 Q8. Discussed the Friedman reading. Read a selection from The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas Friedman The Lexus and the Olive Tree Revisited by Ha-Joon Chang
14 F 2/05 We watched Chapters 1-7 of The Corporation Read The Multinational Corporation by Joseph Stiglitz .
15 M 2/08 Q9. We discussed The Corporation (1) Watch chapters 8-23 of The Corporation (2003). (2) Find, read, and come prepared to discuss any recent news article about a technology company doing something particularly unethical — or particularly ethical .
16 W 2/10 Watched videos of Snowden and Ledgett. Read as much as you can (please spend at least two hours reading) about the Snowden revelations (2013-2016). Bring to class a list of the sources you used, along with any notes. Be prepared to speak on what you learned, being specific. Snowden2 and Snowden3
17 F 2/12 Q10. Discussed the reading Read The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work by Phillip Rogaway Court order directing Apple’s assistance to unlock an iOS 9 phone and Apple’s pushback
xx M 2/15 Holiday President’s Day .
18 W 2/17 Discussed the Leveson article Read Medical Devices: The Therac-25 by Nancy Leveson .
19 F 2/19 Q11. Discussed the readings. Read (1) The Fifty-Nine Story Crisis by Joe Morgenstern, and (2) The IEEE Code of Ethics .
20 M 2/22 Q12. Went over scenarios in small groups, with reference to the ACM Code Read (1) The ACM Code of Ethics and (2) Computers, Ethics, and Collective Violence by Summers and Markusen .
21 W 2/24 (1) We discussed multiple readings. (2) We started Why We Fight Read War by Brian Orend .
22 F 2/26 We watched the rest of Why We Fight Milestone 2 due. Follow the directions (Sect 3.2) for uploading, with names like d201.pdf .
23 M 2/29 Q13. We discussed Why We Fight and Disciplined Minds (1) Read Disciplined Minds by Jeff Schmidt #E: Provide comments, corrections, and critique on one other group’s Milestone-2. Make your comments useful and fairly extensive. If you are in group n and you are the first author (alphabetically by last name) in your group then you are to critique the writeup of group n-1. If you are in group n and you are the second author in your group then you are to critique the writeup of group n+1. In following these directions, wrap-around in the natural way: group 200 means group 210 and group 211 means group 201. Name your file as in: d103-PhilR.pdf for Phil Rogaway s comments on d103.pdf. Upload your critique, as pdf, in the same directory as the Milestone 2 drafts. .
24 W 3/02 Discussed food! (1) Watch Singer and Schlosser speak in this video. (2) Consulting whatever online resources you like, find something interesting to say about the implicit values embedded in a can (or bottle) of soda. Write something down for me about this (one page or less). .
25 F 3/04 Students presented their portion of the Boyle reading If you are group number i, then read and come prepared to present the key ideas of Chapter i of The Public Domain, by James Boyle. About 5 mins per group. .
26 M 3/07 . Read (1)  Chapter 1 of Technopoly by Neil Postman, and, also read (2)  Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change by him .
27 W 3/09 Presentation Day #0 Read 201 (James, Tom) and 202 (Jameson, Sean) and provide thoughtful comments on this form. This will start at 4 pm. From 3:10-4 (attendance optional) we will discuss current news: see the announcements on our course homepage. . .
28 F 3/11 Presentation Day #1: Read 203 (Bryan, Stanley) and 204 (Anne, Cody) and 205 (Jason, Cameron) and provide thoughtful comments on this form. .
29 M 3/14 Presentation Day #2: Read 206 (Alexander, Nathan) and 207 (Mazar, Jonatan) and 208 (Kent, Ben) and provide thoughtful comments on this form. .
yy R 3/17 Sec 2 Final, 6:00-8:00 pm
Presentations Day #3:
Read 209 (Daniel, Jeremy) and 210 (Jieming, Frank) and provide thoughtful comments on this form. .