ECS 189 Schedule – Black Mirror – Spring 2024 – Phillip Rogaway

The schedule is subject to change. I will endeavor that, by each Friday, it is stable for the following week.

Class For Today Notes
1M 4/01 (a) Read the course syllabus. (b) Watch (and think about) Twilight Zone episode TZ:S5E23: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (c) Read about Sam Bankman-Fried (any sources) and his sentencing (Thur 3/28). Form an opinion on SBF and his sentence. In class: watched a Charlie Brooker video Number Go Up · Going Infinite · Effective Altruism (EA)
1W 4/03 S1E2: Fifteen Million Merits (discussion leads: Ashley and Foram) Media
1F 4/05 S3E1: Nosedive (discussion leads: Aidan and Manreet) China’s social credit system
2M 4/08 S5E2: Smithereens (discussion leads: Karan, Sophia Th) .
2W 4/10 S5E3: Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too.
Also watch (no notes required): TZ:S5:E6: Living Doll
(discussion leads: Ashley, Yujin)
XF:S5E10: Chinga
2F 4/12 S6E1: Joan is Awful (discussion leads: Alshari, Kefir) Surveillance and Control
3M 4/15 S1E3: The Entire History of You (discussion leads: Anna and Kim) .
3W 4/17 S4E2: Arkangel (discussion leads: Dulce and Ryan) .
3F 4/19 S1E1: The National Anthem (discussion leads: Christopher and Esther) Politics, Hate, Control
4M 4/22 S3E6: Hated in the Nation (discussion leds: Joanna and Nivita) Race, Hate, War
4W 4/24 S4E6: Black Museum (discussion leads: Amit and Sean). Prof. Ghosal visits. .
4F 4/26 S3E5: Men Against Fire (discussion leads: Amanda and Samantha) .
5M 4/29 S4E5: Metalhead (discussion leaders: Diya and Sheda) .
5W 5/01 At Quad 12-12:30; then Giedt. Discussion of Israel/Palestine. Violence and technologies of control. Protests at US universities. Instead of episode notes, please write a one-page reflection on something you read or watched for today. Suggested questions for class also good. (1) Some fiction: The Present (2020) and The Key (Anwar Hamed). (2)  Some Al Jazeera videos (as many you can): Israel: Above the Law? (2024); Closed Cyberspace (2023); Israel’s Automated Occupation: Part 1 and Part 2. (3) Recent activites on campuses: Is Columbia in Crisis? (campus newspaper); Guardian articles on the topic (as many as you have time for); (4) One Jewish perspective: Naomi Klein’s Seder Speech (4/24/24). May Day for Palestine event (11 am at Quad). The Key (2023), short film by Rakan Mayasi. Moved from assigned column: Weaponising water in Palestine (2023); Gaza: 60 min Warning (2021); Genocide in Gaza: Enabled by AI (2024); Rebel Architecture (2015). Defining antisemitism: IHRA (2016) vs. IJV (2021)
5F 5/03 S3E3: Shut Up and Dance (discussion leads: Arnav and Srujana) Carcerality, Cruelty, Blackmail
6M 5/06 SPEC: White Christmas (discussion leads: Michelle and Victoria) .
6W 5/08 (1) Twilight Zone episodes: TZ:S1E22: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street and TZ:S4E4: He's Alive. Write episode summaries as you do with BM episodes, focussing on interpretation and personal reaction. (2) Prof. Ghosal visits. (3) Deferred: Student protests, students’ ability/inability to make positive changes in the world. Cancelled S4E3:Crocodile. TW episodes considered: TZ:S3E14: Five Characters in Search of an Exit, TZ:S5E12: Number 12 Looks Just Like You; TZ:S3E21: The Trade-Ins; TZ:S3E9: Deaths Head Revisited.
6F 5/10 S2E2: White Bear (discussion leads: Emily V and Julian) Moved from 6W
7M 5/13 S3E2: Playtest (discussion leads: Konsing and William) Games
7W 5/15 Star Trek: ST.TOS:S1E26|27 Errand of Mercy and ST.TNG:S5E25: The Inner Light and ST.VOY:S5E11: The Latent Image. Discussion leads: Hannah and Sophia Tz. Watch all; prepare lecture notes on any one. .
7F 5/17 2-3 person discussions. Columbia graduation speaker (offset 43:30). Aborted visit from protester/organizer at the quad (Stanford, Hannah). Topics for today: (1) Student protests on campusses. (2) CS students’ ability/inability to improve the world / avoid a BM future .
8M 5/20 S2E1: Be Right Back (student leads: Juan and Ulysses). Relationships
8W 5/22 (1) S6E3: Beyond the Sea (discussion leads: Semra and Shruti) (2) Prof. Ghosal to visit again. .
8F 5/24 S4E4: Hang the DJ (discussion leads: Hannah and Sophia Tz.) .
9M 5/27 Holiday, don’t show up and I won’t .
9W 5/29 Day1 student projects: AAKS, AHSY, DDS, EMS, JNV, KSS .
9F 5/31 S3E4: San Junipero (discussion leads: Ann and Kelly) .
9U 6/02 You’re invited! 8-10pm, totally optional activity: rock climbing (without the rocks) at Rocknasium. Suggest to fill out the waiver in advance. .
10M 6/03 Day2 student projects: AAK, ACEK, AJSW .
10W 6/05 Day3 student project AK, FMS, JRUW .