ECS20.A – Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science – Winter 2022

Midterm Instructions

Here are directions for the midterm. Please note: you will need a working camera and computer to take the midterm.
  1. The midterm will be administered via Gradescope as a Gradescope Online Assignment. You will not have to upload anything; you will work directly in Gradescope.
  2. It will open on Thursday, Feb 10, at 7pm.
    It will close on Friday, Feb 11, at 7pm.
    You will have 80 minutes to complete it.
  3. The midterm covers the lectures up to and including that of Tuesday, Feb 8; problem sets 1-5 (including their solutions); and the one assigned reading I gave you.
  4. The exam is closed notes, closed book, closed everything. Internet searches are strictly forbidden. No use of homeworks, homework solutions, instructor notes, old exams, discord, Piazza, WhatsApp, chat, etc.. Your phone will need to be off (apart from calling Prof. Rogaway if there is a question; phone number on the exam). You may have open a single tab in a single window of a single desktop: the tab on which Gradescope is open.
  5. Record yourself with your official UC Davis zoom account.
    1. You will record yourself taking the exam using Zoom's Record to the cloud
    2. Before starting the midterm, log in to your UC Davis zoom account (using the SSO login) on a PC with functioning webcam.
    3. Click on New meeting; or Host to start a new Zoom meeting. Turn ON your Video camera and ensure that your face is visible.
    4. Click Share screen and select your entire Desktop
    5. Click Record to the cloud
    6. Go to the Gradescope webpage and click on the Midterm assignment to access the exam.
    7. When you are done, stop the desktop sharing, stop recording, and end the meeting.
  6. Upload the link to your zoom recording
    1. There is an assignment in Canvas cleverly named Link to a recording of me taking the midterm. Upload a link to a recording of you taking the midterm by Friday, Feb 11, at 11:59 pm. Note that it could take Zoom an hour or so to process your recording and generate a link; don’t panic that you don’t immediately see the recording.
    2. To find the link to your video, sign in to your Zoom account via a browser ( Go to the Recordings (left-hand column). Click on Share, and the Copy Sharing Information: Show. Copy just the URL (https://very-long-string). Test that you grabbed a working URL pasting it into your browser and following it. Then go Canvas and submit this URL for the Link to a recording of me taking the midterm assignment.
  7. You can practice recording yourself to the cloud, grabbing the URL, then pasting it into the Canvas assignment. I created an assignment Link to a recording of me saying Hi for you to try out the process.