ECS 227 - Modern Cryptography - Fall 2001


  • Here is the signup sheet for who comes when to our final discussions.

    Our class. A mailing list for everyone who has been attending.

    Meetings. Our course meets M 6:10-9:00 pm in 1062 Bainer. Office hours are F 10-11, or by appointment, or by no appointment. If you miss a class, or if you didn't understand a class, you can go watch the video tape in 1101 Hart. More course information is available.

    Class notes. These notes will evolve "just in time" (updates made Monday or Tuesday corresponding to that Monday's lecture). So save a tree and don't print things out in advance of the class on the corresponding topic. If my notes are ready in time, I'll bring copies to class.

    Problem sets and their solutions. The problems are found in the class notes above. Note that "Exercise" is distinct from "Problem".

    Lectures to date. This used to have only a list of lecture topics, but I've added in my notes. They're really intended only for me; here is a little disclaimer about them.

    Supplemental material. Begin by reading the class notes. If you yearn for more, here are some suggestions.

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