ECS 227 - Modern Cryptography - Fall 2003

Announcements. (Last update Dec 12):

Timeslot for your final discussion with me.
Course Information sheet - Meeting times, my expectations of you, etc..
Picture board - Your pictures, in living color
Class notes - The evolving course notes, co-written with Mihir Bellare. Don't print things out ahead of where we are, as things will change.
Problem sets - Problems assigned to date.
Project information - Projects are due the last day of class.
Evolving list of lecture topics - Documents the topic that we covered in each lecture.
Personal lecture notes for 2001 - This year may be similar.
Supplemental material - Begin by reading the class notes. If you yearn for more, here are a few suggestions.
sample.tex LaTeX template and the sample.pdf that it produces .

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