ECS 227 - Modern Cryptography - Spring 2005

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Signup sheet for our end-of-term discussion.
Problem sets - Problems assigned to date.
Class notes - The evolving course notes, co-written with Mihir Bellare. Don't print things out ahead of where we are, as things will change.
Lectures to date - The topic that we covered in each lecture - and 2003 lectures - This year may be similar.
Course information sheet - Meeting times, my expectations of you, etc..
Class pictures - In living color.
Project information - Projects are due the last day of class.
Supplemental material - [Coppersmith 1994: DES] - [Bellare, Rogaway 04: Games] - [Bellare, Goldreich, Mityagin: MAC defs]
sample.tex (LaTeX template) and sample.pdf (the file it produces).

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