ECS 227 - Modern Cryptography - Spring 2009

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General information

  • Lectures to date - grows with each class
  • Class notes - evolving course notes, co-written with Mihir Bellare.
  • Katz-Lindell book has good topical overlap with the above.
  • Course information sheet - please read this - and Lectures for 2007 - doubles as a syllabus, as topics this year will be similar
  • Class pictures - In living color
  • Project information - Projects are due the last day of class
  • sample.tex LaTeX file and the sample.pdf it yields (in case you've never used LaTeX)

    Problem sets

  • PS 1 (problem 3 postponed), plus an example of a student's model solution.
  • PS 2 (due Feb 9)
  • PS 3 (due Feb 23)
  • PS 4 (due Mar 9)

    A bit of supplemental material

  • Practical, ciphertext-only attack on a substitution cipher (the first few pages of a nice article by P. Diaconis)
  • Example blockciphers: DES (1975), AES (Rijndael) (1998), and, for something very recent, Threefish (2008) (embedded in SHA-3 candidate Skein).
  • More on DES: DES is not a group (K. Campbell and M. Wiener) (See Section 5, attributed to D. Coppersmith), and why cycles of E1 o E0 are short) (D. Coppersmith).
  • More on AES: Cache-timing attacks on AES (D. Bernstein), and New AES Software Speed Records (D. Bernstein and P. Schwabe).
  • A possible project paper I wouldn't mind hearing about (M. Nandi).

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