My current students

My former students

  1. John Black is an ace rock climber, a crack teacher, and an excellent computer scientist. He won one of four Chancellor’s teaching fellowships at UCD, and twice won our outstanding TA awards. He got his Ph.D. in 2000. He won an NSF CAREER Award. John is now a tenured professor at the University of Colorado, at Boulder.
  2. Viet Tung Hoang worked with me on garbling schemes and format-preserving encryption. After graduating, we continued to work with one another on authenticated encryption and other topics. After doing some post-doctoral training (UCSD, University of Maryland, and UCSB), Tung has taken a position as an assistant professor at Florida State University.
  3. Ted Krovetz is great swimmer, teacher, and computer scientist (I think he swims faster than I run). Ted is a superb experimentalist as well as an excellent theorist. Ted got his Ph.D. in 2000. He is now a professor at Sacramento State. We continue to work together.
  4. Chris Patton worked with me on anonymity for a while, but has moved off to the oasis of Florida to finish his degree with Tom Shrimpton (see below). He’ll be missed!
  5. Tom Ristenpart was never officially my student, but it felt like he was. Tom completed his master’s degree at UCD (under Matt Bishop, 2005) and his Ph.D. at UCSD (under Mihir Bellare). Tom set a world record by learning to ride a motorbike (a near-necessary conveyance while visiting me in Thailand) in 12.5 seconds. Tom is now a faculty member at Cornell Tech (he was previously at UW Madison).
  6. Tom Shrimpton is an associate professor at the University of Florda. Previously he worked at the University of Lugano and Portland State. Tom looks like a movie star and thinks like a professor. With a background in signal processing and information theory, Tom married a woman named Shannon. Tom graduated in 2004. He won an NSF CAREER Award and has done quite well. We continue to work together.
  7. Till Stegers came to me with a math background in Germany and then Tulane. Till worked on formal vs. computational cryptography, partially specified protocols, and format-preserving encryption. Till got his Ph.D. in 2010 and has then took a position at a Google lab in Santa Monica, California.
  8. John Steinberger got his Ph.D. in mathematics in July 2007 and is now an associate professor at Tsinghua University, China. John’s work spans combinatorics and cryptography. He can analyze constructions whose analysis would make mortals quake in fear.

Past podtdocs

  1. Collen Swanson, the travelling crypgorapher, has taken up residence in San Francisco.
  2. Atul Luykl has taken a position at Visa research.

Other advising

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