Homework Assignment

Winter 2003

ECS 170 HW #4a: Perceptron Learning

Assigned: 11 February 2003

Due: 18 February 2003

This problem (both parts) can be done using paper and pencil. But if you rather write a program to do these, it is OK with me. However, this is NOT counted as a programming assignment.

Problem 1 Perceptrons

In the class I described a perceptron for digit recognition.


(a)   (10 points) In the class I attempted to show you how to recognize the digit 0 (zero). Here we expected an output of 1 (yes) when the number presented at the input is 0 and 0 (no) when we presented any other number at the input. Complete the calculation (Recheck the calculation from the beginning, to make sure I did not maker any error) by presenting all the digits, one by one, at the input. What are the weights of the perceptron after convergence? (I expect that you should get the answer very quickly)

(b)  (15 Points) Repeat the above process for the recognition of the digit 8. (I expect this to take many iterations. That is why I am giving you the option of writing a small piece of code to do this).

It is imporatnt that you do this problem before you attempt back propagation.