Homework Assignment

Winter 2003

ECS 170 HW #5a:

Probabilistic Learning

Assigned: 25 February 2003

Due: 4 March 2003


     All these problems are basically mathematical proofs. What I am looking for is systematic and rigorous application of the formulas of probability. Be very clear and explain what you are doing..


  1. Do problem 14.1 (10 points)

Here, by "first principles", the author means that you start with the definition of conditional probablity and the definition of logical connectives. The proof is trivial. So you have to show systematically what elementary principles you are using at each step.


  1. Do problem 14.5 (20 points)

The key to this problem is the rigorous and frequent application of the formula for conditional probability. Once again, clarity on how you are moving from one step to another is important.


  1. Do Problem 14.8 (20 points)