Phillip Rogaway

I am a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Davis, USA. I have also been a visiting professor at Chiang Mai University (TH), Chulalongkorn University (TH), ENS Paris (FR), ETH Zürich (CH), The Isaac Newton Institute (UK), and Mae Fah Luang University (TH).

My research is in cryptography. I did my Ph.D. at MIT’s Theory of Computation group (1991) (graduating under S. Micali), worked at IBM as a security architect, then came to UCD (1994), where I’ve spent most of the last 20+ years. My research has focused on obtaining provably-good solutions to protocol problems of genuine utility. I am also interested in social and ethical issues connected to technology.

I’m embarrassed to work at a campus with a chancellor known, more than anything else, for her ethical indiscretions: the pepper spray incident; moonlighting for the the DeVry Group, defense contractor EMAG Technology, publisher John Wiley & Sons, and the devious King Abdulaziz University of Saudi Arabi; supporting the FBI/DoD National Security Higher Education Advisory Board; having UCD buy search engine manipulation services from various “reputation management” companies; and, before all that, the University of Illinois clout scandal. The UC system itself is headed by a former spy chief. What can you do?

Reaction to mass-surveillance revelations:
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