Nina Amenta

I am a professor of Computer Science at the University of California at Davis. Currently, I am also Chair of the Computer Sciene Department. I am part of the Visualization and Graphics Research Group.

email: nina.amenta"at"

My office is in the main CS Department suite at 2063 Kemper Hall.

Phone (530)-754-5377
Phone (chair) (530)-754-8016
FAX (530)-752-4767

My lab is 2338 Academic Surge

Mailing Address:
Nina Amenta
Department of Computer Science
University of California
One Sheilds Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

Courses I have taught:

  • ECS 89H, Beginning Web Programming.
  • ECS 223, Parallel Algorithms.
  • ECS 10, Introduction to Computer Programming.
  • ECS 175, Introduction to Computer Graphics.
  • ECS 226, Computational Geometry.
  • ECS 20, Discrete Math.
  • ECS 122a, Undergraduate Algorithms.
  • ECS 175, Undergraduate Graphics.
  • ECS 177, Undergraduate Visualization.
  • ECS222a, Graduate Algorithms.
  • ECS 289H, Graduate Seminar on Algorithms in 3D Photography.

    Much of my reseach in the last several years has been devoted to algorithms to reconstruct surfaces from clouds of points. Some recent work (see the publications) concerns the definition of a smooth surface implied by a point cloud. Earlier work on producing meshes from point clouds led to the Power Crust software. It uses an algorithm which works better in practice than our first innovative algorithm, the Crust.

    Much of my recent work is related to visualizing morphological change in evolution. This work grew out of a project in visualization for computational phylogeny.

    Here is a list of my publications.

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