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Note on author order: In most cases my co-authors and I have followed the common mathematics/theoretical computer science convention of alphabetically-ordered authors. Unlike the standard in some other areas of science, in my papers there is no lead author or second author or special place for a principal investigator. It's just alphabetical. See here, here, here, or here for more discussion of this convention. Exceptions are marked with [β].

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Other technical reports

The following are unpublished technical reports that I will probably not attempt to publish. Both are results that I enjoyed working on, but later found out that they were already known in some sense.

The PDF document links above are preprints, similar to what was submitted to the conference, with appendices containing material that did not fit in the page limit. The arXiv link references a publicly archived version of the paper that is possibly more out-of-date than the PDF files available here.

The "Journal Version" links can mean that the paper from the conference was submitted to the journal with largely the same content (other than possibly re-arranging due to conference page limits), or it could mean that substantial content from the conference version was used in the journal version, although the journal version may have additional content.

These papers may be downloaded for research or personal use only. The copyright for each paper is owned either by the publisher of the journal or conference proceedings in which the paper is published, or by the authors of the paper if the paper is unpublished.