Picture a photo session (10/2021)

A photo session (10/2021)

Our group meeting via Zoom over the Pandemic (01/2021)

My keynote at TaiCHI (10/2020)

Spoke at Academia Sincia's Statistics Camp (09/2020)

Visiting Professor Han at Taipei Tech (08/2020)

Lunch with Annie and Senthil (12/2019)

Beer time! (12/2019)

Group photo, Academia Sinica's Statistics Camp (9/2019)

VIDI Group at VIS 2019 (October 2019)

Presenting to the AvenueE students (9/11/2019)

Group gathering (summer 2019)

Oh-Hyun gave a talk a Academia Sinica (07/2019)

Spoke at AI and Design Forum, Shanghai (06/2019)

My VR expereince at Monash U. (11/2018)

Group photo at VIS 2018. (10/2018)

Tarik and Oh-Hyun were discussing their joint project. (2018)

Former student Hiroshi Akiba visited us. (10/2018)

Chancellor May visited Taipei and met with UCD Alumni.

Min, Chris Ye, Tarik and Chris Bryan are receiving
their PhD this summer.

Dean Curtis visited VIDI Labs

2017 VIDI T-shirt

VIDI team at PacificVis 2017

Kelvin's demo to visitors from Bosch Research

VIDI Research Demo on campus

VIDI Research Demo on campus

Oleg presented at EuroVis (6/9/2016)

PacificVis 2016 in Taipei (4/19/2016)

Professor Fujishiro visited us (2/22/2016)

Group dinner (1/29/2016)

Tarik presented to our visitors (9/18/2015)

Group activity (9/18/2015)

In Beijing with Professor Yuan of Peking U. (9/2/2015)

Hedrik's farewell party (9/4/2015)

Lecture at NCTU (7/1/2015)

Keynote at ChinaVis 2015 (7/17/2015)

Yuzuru's CHI 2015 presentation and Award

Yang's CHI 2015 presentation

What were they all looking at (2/17/2015)

A nice dinner at Kamakura for the Shonan meeting (1/15/2015)

Project meeting at the Exploratorium (12/4/2014)

Demos to the ECS175 students

Group lunch in Paris

Group dinner in Davis

Franz's SciVis '14 talk

Jinrong's LDAV '14 talk

Tarik's VAST '14 talk (the most well dressed speaker)

Min's LDAV '14 talk

With Yubo & Yuzuru at Commencement (6/12/2014)

ECS163 final project demos (6/9/2014)

Isaac's last day with VIDI (6/6/2014)

Demos for my ECS163 (Information Interfaces) students

Jinrong's demo to visitors (5/7/2014)

Tarik's demo to visitors (5/7/2014)

Javid's demo to visitors (5/7/2014)

Showing our Chancellor the Plankton Table (5/2/2014)

Met two former visiting students at PacificVis 2014.

Playing with the Plankton table at the Exploratorium.

Visiting the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

Professor Wei Chen visited us.

VIDI 2013 Halloween party.

Franz's presentation at SC13 Ultravis Workshop.

Brian Hsu gave a paper presentation at VIS 2013.

We took a break to visit Atlanta's Aquarium (10/17/2013).

My talk at Zhejiang University

As a judge in a Big Data contest in Taiwan

Yelena's Farewell Party.

They will leave VIDI soon. June 2013 Commencement.

Me and the K Computer (2/2013)

Prerna's Farewell Party

We begin to use our new display wall.

Yuzuru and his storyline visualization

Group photo at VisWeek 2012.

Halloween 2012 group party

Professor Yu

With former students in Seattle

Dr. Cheng-Kai Chen

Yingcai departing for MSRA

The weather was so good that we decided to have a picnic.

Janurary birthday party

Attending SIGGRAPH Asia 2011

Brian presented at SIGGRAPH Asia

LDAV 2011 was a success. I gave opening remarks

Jishang presented at LDAV

Cheng-Kai's PG 2011 presentation

Lei Tang near the end of his one-year visit

Teaching at the summer school in France

Chris Ho leaves for Sony

Cheng-Kai teaching at the summer school in France

Nathan and Chris

Yuzuru and Isaac presented to our visitors (6/3/2011)

Bob presented to our visitors. (6/3/2011)

Jishang's presentation at PacificVis 2011

Cheng-Kai's presentation at PacificVis 2011

Henri Gouraud visited us (2/24/2011)

No more An's BBQ after his departure

Team Work!

Tarik showed his work to visitors from the Exploratorium

Dinner after the Storytelling Workshop at Davis

Farewell party for Stephane (11/05/2010)

Group picture at VisWeek 2010 Banquet

Team work is the key!

Cheng-Kai gave his Vis 2010 talk.

Chad gave his Vis 2010 talk

Yu-Hsuan gave her VAST 2010 talk.

Anna gave her Vis 2010 talk.

Michael gave his SoftVis 2010 talk.

Lin Zheng gave a talk at an MICCAI 2010 Workshop

A gathering with my visiting scholars including Professor
Liang's and YingCai's families.

Giving a Keynote at Pacific Graphics 2009

EuroVis 2010 best papers committee

Anna's EuorVis 2010 presentation

Visitors from China

SciDAC Institute all hands meeting

Carlos' farewell party (4/28/2010)

A good team.

Jim gave a tutorial and a paper presentation at PacificVis 2010

Anna gave a paper presentation at PacificVis 2010

VisWeek 2009 Banquet with my students

Group Dinner at VisWeek 2009

Carlos spoke at Vis 2009

Tarik spoke at VAST/VisWeek 2009

Michale told a story at InfoVis/VisWeek 2009

Chris spoke at InfoVis/VisWeek 2009

The famous VIDi t-shirt: 2009-2010 version

BBQ party

Welcome-back group party (9/28/2009)

After delicious BBQ, everybody looked happy and normal!

Field trip to the Exploratorium, San Francisco (3/13/2009)

We got a special tour of the exhibits there.

Eric, Frances, and their creation

Guess where I found this

Chaoli's Vis '08 talk

Carlos's Vis '08 Talk

Jeff's KAV '08 Talk

Chris' InfoVis '08 Talk

Professor Itoh and his two students visited us (10/15/2008)

A recent gathering with Taiwan's CG professors

Ultravis gang at SciDAC 2008

I gave a talk at the first InfoVis Workshop in China

Dr. Akiba (5/30/2008)

An's wedding

Anna's PGV '08 talk

A lunch with the PGV folks.

Anna's response (67MB) to questions she got.

One of PacificVis' dinners

Chaoli Wang's SAIM PP08 talk

Steve Haroz's PacificVis talk

Jim Shearer's PacificVis talk

Chris Muelder's PacificVis talk

Michael Ogawa's PacificVis talk

Brett and Vickie's wedding Banquet in Taiwan (12/28/07)

Steve's demo for our visitors

Chad's presentation at the SC07 Ultravis Workshop

Hongfeng's SC07 paper presentation.

Prof. van Wijk visited our lab and chat with Jim Shearer

Chad's presentation for the Vis2007 folks

Vis2007 Tour of our labs (10/31/2007): Green lab

Orange lab

Vis 2007 Meet the Scientists Panel

The Panel drew a lot of interest

Halloween in Davis

Michael Ogawa's poster presentation at Vis2007

VIDI's presence at Vis2007

Chris' Vis2007 poster presentation

Nathan Fout's Vis2007 paper presentation

Vis2007 reception with TJ

A recent gathering with my former students. (9/30/2007)
Yue, Runzhen, SoonTee, me, Brett, Frances, Eric.

Carlos gave at talk at the Biostatistic & Biophysics/Biophotonics seminar at UCD (9/28/2007).

We love Mac

Ultravis Institute dinner

Chad's SciDAC Poster presentation (6/26/2007)

Two other poster presentations by me and John

Dinner with Chad and Chaoli at Boston

Hongfeng's graduation

Anna's 1st technical presentation at a conference (EuroVis)

Hiroshi's EuroVis '07 presentation.


2007 Group Party. Eric, Frances and Alex came.

The start of orange power

A good discussion with researchers in Beijing

A dinner at SC06 with our collaborators

At ORNL booth, our visualization work was shown

We are the winner of SC06 HPC Analytics Challenges!!

Hongfeng, Anna, and I at SC06

Jim and Michael presented at InfoVis '06. Their presentation
on Cenimation is a must see!!

On the famous Tai Mountain

What is cenimation? See the project page.
See the original contest submission--video (53MB).
See the Creative Winner presentation at InfoVis2006--video.

Jim presented at the Pacific Graphics 2006

At Jinan, Oct 18, 2006

Jim's response (68MB) to questions he got.

Eric and Frances got married on July 3, 2006. Brett and
Vicki are the best man and maid of honor

While attending TFI '06 I enjoyed the beautiful scene of Matsushima

Hiroshi gave a presentation at EuroVis 2006

Steve gave two talks at EuroVis 2006

Steve's response (68MB) to one of the questions he got.

At EuroVis 2006

The old CIPIC gang

Michael gave a presentation at APVIS '06

I gave a keynote speech at APVIS '06

Not yet! Only engaged. (Eric and Frances)

Zeqian's system on the wall display

Hongfeng's STORCLOUD demo at SC05

Frances' presentation at SC2005

With students at Vis2005

Frances' presentation at Vis2005

Chris' presentation at VizSEC2005

At Macau attending PG2005

My presentation at PG2005

Visited JPL after attending SIGGRAPH

West Lake in Zhejiang with Dr. Wei Chen

At Fudan University

2005 party with my students

Hiroshi's presentation at Volume Graphics 2005

Snow made this trip a little more interesting.

A nice meal with Michael and Nathan at Santa Fe while attending SAC 2005

A wonderful moment for Yue and Runzhen, and the
beginning of a new life together.

The very first IDAV t-shirt.

Oliver and I stood in front of the new display wall he built,
and we were looking at the supernova data set.
Rendering was done by Eric Lum.

Frances was describing her research to our visitors from Japan.

Eric Lum's presentation at Visualization 2004.

Greg Schussman's presentation at Visualization 2004. (Gerik was the session chair)

Min-Yu Huang's presentation at Visualization 2004.

With my students at Visualization 2004.

Soon Tee's Wedding, August 28, 2004.

At SIGGRAPH '04 with Runzhen and Hongfeng.

A presentation given in my summer 2004 Asia trip.

Brett gave two talks at VisSym 2004.

A 2004 New Year gathering with some of my students.

Researchers from Nissan visited us in Oct. 2003.

Prof. Fujishiro visited us in Feb. 2004.

With my students at the Visualization 2003 Conference.

Some of my students' presentations at Visualization 2003.

With three of my students at SIGGRAPH 2003.

We did not win all the games but we had a lot of fun.

I had some really good meals in Japan (July 2003)

Volume Graphics 2003's banquet was on a boat.

Farewell dinner for Simona at Sushi Nobu (2003).

After-Vis2003-deadline party

Dinner in my house with visualization and graphics faculty

Demonstration to our visitors (2002)

Brett Wilson in the Los Alamos Newspaper

2001 party with students

Scientists from Taiwan's NCHC visited our lab. (November 2001)

At Tokyo University.

Kyoto, July 2001

At the White House for the PECASE award ceremony
(Oct. 24, 2000)