Grants | Dr. Amit Pande

  1. Awardee (equivalent to PI), ''NSF Computing Innovation Fellow: Algorithms and Architectures for Secure Embedded Multimedia Systems" NSF/ CRA, \$267,000 (2010-12)
    Use a blend of signal processing and hardware acceleration to improve performance of video encryption algorithms.
  2. Investigator, "Initiative for Wireless Health & Wellness'' UC Davis Research Investment in Science \& Engineering (RISE) \$865,000 (2012-15)
    Utilize novel phone and wearable sensing methods and develop data-driven methods to monitor physical activity, locality, energy characterization and expenditure \item Design and conduct clinical trials to study the effects of technology and data-informed motivational coaching for health-improvement of individuals. Leverage big data analytics to better understand individual and population trends
  3. Principal Investigator, "Data-Driven QoE for Mobile Videos'', NSF CISE Research Initiation Initiative (CNS: CRII: 1464421), $175,000 (2015-17)
    Develop big-data methods to estimate quality of visual experience of end user while watching mobile videos (Youtube/ Netflix).

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