Bernd Hamann - Publications Authored, Co-authored, or Co-edited (Including Accepted Publications to Appear)


[478] Aldrich, G.A., Lukasczyk, J., Hyman, J.D., Srinivasan, G., Viswanathan, H.S., Garth, C., Leitte, H., Ahrens, J.P. and Hamann, B. (2020), A query-based framework for searching, sorting and exploring data ensembles (pdf), to appear in IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering, DOI 10.1109/MCSE.2019.2908104.

[479] Linares, O.A.C., Hamann, B. and Neto, J.B. (2020), Segmenting cellular retinal images by optimizing super-pixels, multi-level modularity, and cell boundary representation (pdf), IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 29(1), pp. 809-818.

[480] Murugesan, S., Bouchard, K.E., Brown, J., Kiran, M., Lurie, D., Hamann, B. and Weber, G.H. (2020), State-based network similarity visualization (pdf), to appear in Information Visualization, SAGE Publications Ltd., DOI 10.1177/1473871619882019.

[481] Pulido, J., Zheng, C., Thorman, P. and Hamann, B. (2020), SnowPac: A multi-scale cubic B-spline wavelet compressor for astronomical images (pdf), to appear in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS), John Wiley & Sons, DOI

[482] Vargas, A.R.S., Hamann, B. and Ferreira de Oliveira, M.C. (2020), TV-MV analytics: A visual analytics framework to explore time-varying multivariate data (pdf), Information Visualization 19(1), SAGE Publications Ltd., pp. 3-23.

[483] Vargas, A.R.S., Rollmann, K., Almeida, F., Davolio, A., Hamann, B., Schiozer, D.J. and Rocha, A. (2020), Leveraging phylogenetic tress to assess variability of reservoir models (pdf - available in December 2019), to appear in: Gonzalez, K., Hincapie, R., Pastor, P. and Valbuena, E., eds., Proceedings of 2020 Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference, OnePetro Online Library, OnePetro, Richardson, Texas.