MAE 298, Spring 2006
Understanding Networks: Theory and Applications
Class schedule and lectures

Date Topic Assignments
March 30 Intro to course and to networks. (Lecture 1)
April 4Random graphs and phase transitions. (Lecture 2)
April 6Power laws and preferential attachment. (Lecture 3)
April 11Exploring Robustness of Networks. (Lecture 4)
Online reference materials (Including Rcode and sample Graphviz input files).
April 13Optimization and network growth. (Lecture 5) HW 1 assigned
April 18Software tools for network analysis. Guest lecture, Prof. Duncan Temple Lang, UC Davis, Dept. of Statistics (Lecture 6)
April 20No Lecture
April 25Paritioning of Networks (Spectral methods) (Lecture 7) HW1 due
April 27Spectral methods, sensor networks and self-organization (Lecture 8)
May 2Web search and decentralized search on small-worlds (Lecture 9)
May 4Percolation and spreading on networks (SIR and SIS models) (Lecture 10)HW 2 assigned
May 9"Complex Interactive Networks and Systems Initiative: Self-Healing Infrastructures" (review of Massoud Amin's work).
May 11More network measures and modeling (layered networks), (Lecture 12)
May 16Guest Lecture: Christian Bird, Software networks (SoftwareNetworks.ppt) (MiningEmailSocialNetworks.ppt)HW2 due
May 18Guest Lecture: Dr. Eivind Almaas (Lawrence Livermore Natn Lab), Biological Networks (BioNetworks.ppt)
May 23Guest Lecture: Ram Keralapura, Internet measurement and overlay networks (Keralapura.ppt)
May 25Guest Lecture: Prof. Sergey Nuzhdin, Biological NetworksPrelim report due
May 30Guest Lecture: Prof. Mark Lubell, Social and Policy Networks (Lubell.ppt)
June 1Guest Lecture: Prof. Michael Zhang, Network modeling and urban transportation (Zhang.ppt)Class evaluations
June 6Class review and student presentations (Final Lecture)Class Project Due! (Information and template for report)